The Perfect Fit

You know that feeling when you find the absolute perfect article of clothing, maybe it’s a leather jacket or peplum skirt, but when you try it on something just doesn’t feel right? The sleeves are slightly too short, the waist gaps awkwardly or the skirt falls at a strange middle-of-the-road place on your shins.

Tragically, that perfect piece lost every ounce of its charm because it didn’t fit. Well, as you may know, many fashion trends and guidelines apply to furniture design, including proper tailoring.

We asked a couple of our expert interior designers to give us a few tips for designing the perfect bedroom. Here’s what we found:

1: Fill your space.

Designed by Cherry Yount

Just like a suit that’s too large, expansive spaces can easily feel empty. To combat this, embrace the freedom to use larger patterns on the walls or bedding, stunning sleigh beds or bachelor chests as bedside tables. Also, consider creating multiple spaces within a room. Bringing a settee or a slipper chair and side table into a room can give the space a new function and style.

On the other hand, small spaces present a different challenge. In this scenario, get creative with customizable headboard sizes or eclectic side tables as bedside tables offered at Furnitureland South.

No matter what the size of your bedroom is, the bed is the focal point, the crown jewel of your space. Whether you’re looking for a wood panel or tufted wingback headboard, our designers know how to scale any headboard to your space.

Remember, you can transform your bedroom into a space that looks just as high-end as an Armani suit on a much smaller budget simply by paying attention to dimensions and details.

2:  Consider the light

When choosing an arrangement for your bedroom furniture, take note of the location of your windows and design around those sources of natural light. It’s best to consider three types of light when planning any room.

Designed by Tim O’Brien

Keeping a checklist of ambient (natural and overhead lighting), accent and task lighting helps you figure out which lamps are best placed for function and which can be saved for style.

Our Design Consultants can help you to manage and layer these categories of light in a way that is visually appealing and practical for your everyday needs. Whether you need window treatments, dimmer switches or a restoration vintage standing lamp, they’re able to give your room just the right amount of ambiance.

Truth or Myth: Beds should always be placed along a wall without windows. Myth! While it is uncommon for beds to be placed in front of windows, some rules are made to be broken. Ask your Design Consultant about this design decision today!

3: Use all your resources.

Designed by Natalie Dean

After choosing all the furniture and deciding on lighting solutions, you may look around the room and still feel empty or not quite at home. That’s when it’s time to add accessories. The accessories don’t need to be the focal point of the room, but they will certainly help to fill the space and make it feel like home. Make the room yours with pieces like vases, clocks, candles, book ends or storage trays.

If you’re having trouble picking out your perfect designs, don’t worry. Furnitureland South is unlike any other retail furniture store, as we provide free design assistance for all your projects. They’re able to help guide your experience to ensure shopping at the largest furniture store in the world is a breeze and guarantee that all your new furniture will fit gracefully into your space.

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