The REAL Jersey Shore

As a born and bred Jersey Girl, I feel the need to clarify what life is really like living at the shore. After going home for Red Bank’s KABOOM FEST 2011 fireworks, and realizing there’s no better place to be on Independence Day, I was more than inspired to share the REAL Jersey Shore with you all.  Not to be mistaken by MTV’s version of a group of “unique” New Yorkers that moved to the shore for a summer. Do NOT get me started …

The REAL Jersey shore is full of surfers, sun, seafood, and sand. There’s no better feeling than a day at the shore: you start your morning off right, ordering an artery-clogging pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel from Brennan’s in Rumson, NJ. Then throw your beach bag on the floorboards of your sand-infested vehicle, strap your surfboard to the roof, drop the windows, and breathe in that unmistakably refreshing salt air. Once you cross over the Sea Bright Bridge and hit Ocean Avenue, you turn up the Boss’ “I was Borrrrrrrrn in the USA!!!” and jam out!  The beautiful day has only begun.

After an epic surf sesh’ just past Belmar, you’re jonesin’ for a fix of Lighthouse Italian Ice. On your way, you drive past all of the gorgeous waterfront houses and imagine what your house would look like if you braved living so close to the shoreline during hurricane season …

Perhaps you would have big, bright sunny windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Pair that with layered white and navy Huntington House upholstery. The patterns of stripe and floral in a monochromatic tone really bring together a nautical feel.

Courtesy of Huntington House Furniture

Or maybe you enjoy a more sophisticated, streamlined look that allows for more muted tones, with colors reminiscent of light sandy beaches. Here’s another beautiful Huntington House creation that is full of strong texture and understated shine.

Courtesy of Huntington House Furniture

The Jersey Shore is more than just fake tans, big hair, and gym trolls … remember REAL tans come naturally when you skip the gym and stroll the beach. The best hair is sun-bleached, and volume comes from salt air, not hair spray. And for the record, the best exercise comes from hitting up Hurricane Fred in August on your 6’5″ Al Merrick surf board. Although, I can’t lie –  you will encounter some fist pumping at Donovan’s Reef … but hey, you’re at the SHORE!!!

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  1. aaaaah- you brought me back to when I was 17, leaving work at Bamm Hollow Country Club, driving down Navesink River Road (loved all the hills!) and heading to Sandy Hook or Ship Ahoy beach club with some friends- nothing like that Jersey shore- and it’s not all hairspray and fake tans!!! :-)! Great blog-

  2. Sherry, I am glad you liked it! Navesink River road certainly has the best hills especially with a new MINI cooper! I just bought one around Christmas time at Ray Catena’s MINI of Monmouth, and loved driving it on those windy roads. I used to lifeguard at Sandy Hook and loved seeing the NYC skyline on a clear day everyday. So pretty!

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