The Science of Style: Color Choices

Color. It impacts your life more than you think. It can make you feel happy, hungry, trusting or peaceful all at a glance. You’ve probably gotten the color speech a time or two. And that’s not a bad thing because it translates into interior design, too.

“With as much as half our brain being devoted to processing visual information, color influences everything from memories to emotion to what furniture we choose for our home,” Mary Burritt, a Furniture Today reporter, said. “Color triggers wave receptors in the retina, sending signals to the brain that puts the color with shape and texture information, such as other objects of the same color that a person has seen.”

Sunbrella performace fabric
Sunbrella® image provided by Glen Raven, Inc.

The psychology of color impacts the way we sleep, shop and design — even for patio furniture. This time of year, the spring blossoms and warmer air have us thinking about what this season will bring to bloom in terms of summer fashions, color hues and outdoor furniture design.

In design, colors we’re drawn to are typically fun. They’re the colors that make a statement. In keeping with the Pantone color of the year, ultraviolet, we’re looking out for any and all tints and shades of purple. While, we highly doubt you’ll be walking out your back door to an ultraviolet, space-inspired outdoor sofa, we are expecting to see purple pop up in accent colors or in subtle patterns.

Lavender is an especially peaceful shade of purple, and according to Sally Augustin, principal at Design With Science and environmental psychologist, that’s what we should be looking for. “I think our world is getting more stressful especially in public spaces, so there should be an increasing usage of relaxing colors overall,” Augustin said in a Furniture Today article.

Regardless of the trends that come and go, some colors just equate to summer. I’m talking about yellow, orange, light blues and greens. Whatever color you choose to create your perfect outdoor oasis for summer, Furnitureland South can help. With custom fabrics in every color and texture imaginable, you’re sure to find outdoor furniture to make you smile all summer long!

Shop outdoor furniture at Furnitureland South today! And don’t forget to ask your personal Design Consultant about making the perfect color choice for your patio furniture.

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