The Spirit of Summer

Whimsical. By definition, it means “unusual in a playful or amusing way.” How does this relate to design? Design doesn’t have to be serious; there are no rules.

I don’t know about you, but summers take me back to my childhood. Fireflies illuminated those summer nights, the season when it is natural to be outside in the elements. To capture this childlike creativity and energy, try using umbrellas with light bulbs strung throughout, or a cluster of lanterns hung on tree limbs. Take this idea, and create a special place of refuge against the seriousness of the day. A hide-out, if you will, where you and your friends can indulge in secrets and sangrias.

Or use Mother Nature to your advantage, and create a whimsical conversation area! The summer trees provide hiding spots amongst busy surroundings. Surprise your guests with a creative retreat where good conversation and laughs combined with sounds of the wild put your soul at ease. Pair bright colors and natural elements to achieve a magical summer look that your guests will be sure to remember.  Try using bright outdoor throw pillows with playful patterns. Creativity is the theme of your party, and everyone will admire your spirit!

This cast aluminum table doubles as a beverage/fire-pit! What a wonderful functional piece, emphasis on “fun!” Just think of all the great conversations that could happen around a seasonal table like this. Chilled beverages in the summer, warm fireside stories in the fall. An all-around crowd pleaser!

You can find every piece you need to customize your own whimsical escape here at Furnitureland South!

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