The Ultimate Challenge …

Designer Cherry Yount, with boss Joel and his family.

A few months ago my boss asked me if I would help he and his wife with their new house. WOW … what a compliment! And then I thought, WOW … what a challenge!! Joel and Lynn are a young, professional couple with a five-year-old daughter. Joel is energetic and likes an edgy look while Lynn is a bit more traditional. She has a classic taste but likes some bling.

My job was to figure out how to balance comfort with style. So, as I do with all of my clients, we sat down and talked about their lifestyle, likes and dislikes, color palette and how they use their space. And finally, we worked on a new layout of their rooms.

I like to begin a design with either an existing piece of furniture or art or with something that will direct color like a beautiful fabric. Lynn and I looked at many fabrics and after she and Joel made their final choice, I created a color board reflecting fresh paint colors, soft fabrics for coordinating chairs, window treatments, and we got started!

Design Consultant Cherry Yount’s color board for an interior design proposal.

The bright green, cream and chocolate featured in the main fabric served as the design inspiration and a way to introduce a modern edge to the home’s more classic features. For a touch of the unexpected, I added a bolt of bright orange as an accent.

The previous owners posted pictures of the house when it was offered for sale. Joel said they almost did not buy the house because they thought there wasn’t enough room for seating in the family room.

A before picture of Joel and Lynn’s living room (from the previous owners)

There were two major obstacles that had to be addressed before we could begin. There was no wall space to put the TV in the family room and I wanted to paint the dining room, but there was no stopping point on the wall that went across the front door in the entry from the dining room into the foyer and then into the study.

My solution in the family room was to add another mantle above the existing one, which would frame out the area for the TV to be mounted. We were then able to turn the room around, add a big leather sectional and give them seating for nine. Plenty of room for their family and friends!

The new living room!

To create balance, I looked at the family room’s 17′ high ceiling with double stacked windows and imagined the room in horizontal thirds. So that the room would not look “cut off,” I suggested we take advantage of the height and treat the windows from top to bottom with draperies on big, chunky wooden poles.

Another view of the updated living room.

The house has natural light pouring in from all angles and needed surfaces that bounced the light around. I added a mirror above the mantle (John Richards) and used a leather with a high sheen on the bench (Ferguson Copeland) in front of the sectional.

Looking down on the living room, from the previous owners.
Top-down view of the updated living room.
Top-down view of the updated living room.

Also contributing to the mix of textures, we added a sectional in a modern-feeling chocolate leather by Natuzzi. To add interest, I put a hair-on-hide accent rug under the orange bench. We added contemporary chairs by Hammary and Bernhardt.

A before picture of the entryway and dining room before the redesign

The completed entryway and dining room
The completed entryway and dining room

In the entry, I designed an architectural molding that went around the front door, which added a nice feature to the entry but also gave us a stopping point for painting the dining room and study.

A before picture of the kitchen.
A before picture of the kitchen.
The completed kitchen, reverse-view
The completed kitchen.

The breakfast area with the new woven chairs, glass table and window treatment now makes the rooms flow together in complete harmony.

I am delighted with the way the house came together and the best compliment was when Joel said, “the house is such a combination of Lynn and me. We feel so comfortable here and love sharing it with others.”

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