Three Sheets

I adore fashion and I adore linens, so you would think the visible elements of an ensemble would be the most important to me. Not so. Function (for once) takes precedence over form when it comes to sheets. After all, it’s the only item that will come in direct contact with your skin, night after night.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there, so I’d like to help you choose your next set. First, a word on thread count: it doesn’t matter that much! There’s so much emphasis on thread count that consumers believe it’s all that matters. We’ve probably all splurged for a high-thread-count set at a department store, only to have it “pill” 3 months later. The quality and type of material are the true factors that matter when it comes to durability, hand, and comfort.

It’s best to learn what brands you can trust for quality and stick with them. We have the absolute best selection of high-quality brands here at Furnitureland South, but I’d like to recommend 3 basic sheets from brands I think you’ll love.

For the Purist:
Many of you are loyal to cotton and I must say, it’s always a great choice. I love Downtown Company’s, Paula Sheet. It’s 100% Egyptian cotton, has a simple hemstitch and is 400 TC (for those of you who must know!)

Sheets - Sleepland Linens
Downtown Company Paula Sheets | Queen: $204, King: $236

For the Anti-Ironer:
“Will I have to iron these sheets?”. . .  I hear this every other day. And it’s usually followed with “ . . .  because I don’t want to.” Unfortunately, when it comes to cotton, generally the higher the quality, the more it will wrinkle. However, we do have a great option for those who want quality but hate to iron: the Micro-Fiber sheet from Thief River Linen.  This sheet feels heavenly and wrinkles much less than cotton and bamboo. And here’s a little tip for any sheets: take them out of the dryer while they’re slightly damp, put them on your bed and smooth out the wrinkles. They will be virtually wrinkle-free and dry in just a few minutes!

Thief River Linen Micro-Fiber Sheet: Queen: $235 King: $255
Thief River Linen Micro-Fiber Sheet | Queen: $235, King: $255

For the Nature-Lover
Bamboo sheeting is loved for its silky hand, cool feel and green story. It’s touted as a sustainable product since bamboo grows more than 3 feet per day and without the use of any chemicals! It doesn’t pill and is naturally anti-bacterial. What’s not to love?! Quality is just as important with bamboo as with cotton. Lesser quality bamboo fabrics will not hold up well but we sell the gold-standard in bamboo sheeting– Home Source International. They offer a beautiful array of colors and have quilted coverlets to match. Eco-friendly or not, this sheet just feels amazing. You’ll never want to get out of bed.

Home Source International Bamboo Sheets: Queen: $402King: $459
Home Source International Bamboo Sheets | Queen: $402, King: $459

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