Trend Spotter — 2014 Pantone Color: Radiant Orchid

Pine Cone Hill
Pine Cone Hill
Bliss Living Home
Bliss Living Home

The Pantone color of the year – 2014, Radiant Orchid, is making a splash throughout the furniture industry, with bed linens being no exception!

Your bedroom is the perfect place to indulge the senses with this restful, feminine color. These linens and many more are available in Sleepland Linens, at Furnitureland South. Your Design Consultant will be happy to show you the vast array of options available through Sleepland Linens. Linens are the perfect way to put those essential finishing touches in your space.

ann gish
Ann Gish

The New Year is a great time to start fresh. Along with your new linens, a comfortable  new mattress set would be the perfect way to sleep well in 2014!

Sleep is absolutely crucial to our daily lives. Without the proper amount of quality sleep, the risk of developing serious health issues increases. It is shown that 6 hours of sleep or less reduces our bodies’ ability to fight off viral infections by 50%! This is not the time to be sleep-deprived due to an uncomfortable mattress, especially during flu season. Sleepland at Furnitureland South has the perfect relaxed atmosphere for choosing the correct sleep set for your individual needs.

Visit our website or dial 336.822.3000 to speak to a design consultant. You will be glad you committed to improving your sleep health!

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