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When a design project is completed, I think about all of the logistics that are involved. I love design and the feedback from my clients is very important. The most rewarding feedback is when I hear from my excited client that everything has been delivered and installed into their home. All of the work that goes into the selections, pricing and ordering ends with the logistics of our White Glove Delivery Team. A great design project ends with great logistics.

Missy Caulk

Furnitureland South gives me and my clients the best Global Logistics Team and facilities in our industry. Our Logistics Team and facilities are located onsite and are committed to satisfying my clients. That commitment allows me to focus on what I love ~ “Design.”

Every item is unpacked, inspected and prepared for delivery to my client’s home. Onsite is “Very Important.”

We have onsite, state-of-the-art facilities. I can check any item should there be any questions. Onsite is “Very Important.”


I can talk to a real Customer Service person to resolve any questions in a timely manner. Onsite is “Very Important.”


“All Smiles” ~ that is what I want from my clients. You can say “Missy Loves Design” and “Great Logistics.”


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