Welcoming Back Mid-Century Modern


Lexington Home Brands just introduced a new line to its vast array of furniture collections. However, this collection is unique and this look cannot be found just anywhere. 11 South is a collection composed of beautifully constructed pieces, featuring aesthetic properties that echo the style from days past.

Mid-Century Modern was a significant design movement not only in product design, but also interiors and architecture that started in the 1930’s. Never heard of it? Just google it! You will be surprised at all the chairs that will pop up that you recognize from magazines, movies and commercials. These designs, largely by Eames, Saarinen and Bertoia, harken back to an organic style that exemplifies the natural without the need to add “fluff” because it stands on its own. Though these designs are simple, they say so much because of their finishes, silhouettes, and composition.


Many clients I work with are a little afraid of color and like to go neutral to stay on the safe side.  If you’re like that, you can’t go wrong with these pieces! Look at these images. There is hardly any “color,” yet there is warmth, depth and energy. You don’t have to have color and patterns all over the place to make a space lively.


And now some of you color-loving people are probably wondering why you would want any of these pieces! Well … neutrals are colors too! And if you are used to applying a lot of color on your walls, accessories, and even in your furniture, then you could probably use a little neutral and more natural pieces to tone it down a bit.


Like all of Lexington’s collections, 11 South offers pieces that would look great all together, filling up your room (or entire home!), but they also work well with other pieces from other collections or existing items in your space. Want to add some new bold pieces for accents? Or are you a Mid-Century Modern enthusiast who desires some newly constructed furnishings to fit in with your classic collectibles? Either way, you can’t go wrong here.


11 South is not boring. I like to compare it to a stunning black and white photo. There is so much more than black and white going on: tones, depth, contrast, shadows and highlights. Your eye concentrates on the composition and the complexity of the palette of grays. But with these pieces from Lexington, you also get the additional impact of depth from that gorgeous umbra wood finish.


So whether you’re looking for some of these classic elements to add to your space or if you’re just intrigued and want to learn more, contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you!

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  1. my sister’s house is done in mid century modern. Classic pieces with a modern flair! Love it!

  2. Beautiful new collection. I love the illustration you provided in the last 2 images. Great work!

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