Designing a Room: Where to Start?

I believe the best way to start a new room design, is by finding inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere. It could be found through traveling, looking through magazines, watching TV, reading blogs “hint, hint”, or even just going outside and grabbing the inspiration from the natural forms found in nature. My point is–  anything can be a source of inspiration! Once you find that source (that thing that makes everything else seem silly)…it’s time to get the ball rolling on your design.

Lexington Avenue Design by Rachel Harris, Design Consultant at Furnitureland South.
Lexington Avenue Design by: Rachel Harris, Design Consultant at Furnitureland South

Now, it’s time to choose the foundation. Your foundation can be anything you want it to be. It doesn’t mean that you must choose the rug first or the wall color. I say the foundation of a good design is one item you want to base the whole design around, because you couldn’t imagine not having it in the space. Maybe this item is an amazing sofa, or a lamp. Maybe it is a family treasure that has been passed down through the generations. Whatever that piece is, you will then build off of it as your foundation for the rest of the design.

bedroom design
Bedroom Design by: Rachel Harris, Design Consultant at Furnitureland South

My advice as a designer, is if you want the room to be bold and exciting . . . you can go about it a couple of different ways. I’ve broken it down into two simple options:

ONE: You can layer patterns and colors by using furniture pieces, fabrics, and accessories. Choose different tones of woods in your furniture pieces or mix woods and metals. Choose bold prints that coordinate well with solid fabrics. Refer back to the color wheel and choose a triadic color scheme! Oh, and don’t forget texture. Bring in different textures in the fabrics you choose. But…If you choose to go bold in your room dressings, I would recommend going very subtle on the walls. What do I mean by this? I mean that you should choose a wall color that is not going to drive you crazy within a couple of months. I would stick to a very light color such a white, or cream. If you do want to add a little more of a funky flare (warning this is not for the faint of heart) try painting the trim a saturated pop of color. I can see it now, a warm white on the walls with an emerald green trim around all the door frames, baseboards and crown. This might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but it is a bold move. Don’t be afraid to shake up an interior and be adventurous. Design is all about understanding the rules, bending them and breaking them.

TWO: Let’s reverse the above scheme. With that piece that you can’t live without, start building off of it. Pair this piece with more subtle choices. I recommend still combining different wood tones throughout the space and mixing metals, but maybe not such bold choices in colors and patterns. I would choose maybe one or two accent colors that you love and dress the throw pillows or accessories this way. Overall, in this design the walls with take the majority of the color. Choose a color that coordinates well with your choices and make it fun! For example, I see neutrals (whites/creams) in the room with pops of yellow in the accessories and then teal on the walls. Designing a room should be fun! Your home is personal, it’s a space you are going to see all the time. Make it yours and think outside the box! Start with your inspiration (your foundation) and create a space you love . . . OR, get me to help you for free! I couldn’t think of anything more fun! Thanks for reading!!

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