Who’s your daddy?

I’ll admit that when I think of Father’s Day gifts, one of the last things that comes to mind is home furnishings. But why shouldn’t our dads have stylish spaces that reflect their personalities? After all, if your dad is anything like mine, he has quite the wardrobe (I’ve been told that my dad once had a shoe collection that could rival my own) – even if it now consists of khakis and sweater vests. No matter what your dad’s style, I’m confident that we can find something to suit him perfectly.

“How in the world am I going to find furniture that my dad will like,” you ask? Well … let’s pull out all the stops. The first thing we should ask ourselves is “What do we know about dads?”


Answer #1 – Dads like leather. From the first time he saw James Dean’s classic blue jeans, white T-shirt, and leather jacket ensemble in Rebel without a Cause, your dad has associated leather with the height of cool. And let’s face it, who can blame him? Leather is masculine. Leather is cool.

Simple Room

Answer #2: Dads like simplicity. When it comes to interior design, dads generally don’t like a lot of accessories or frilly silhouettes in their furniture. Clean lines, bold colors, geometric patterns. These all appeal to fatherly sensibilities. So when it comes to designing  a room for dad, keep it simple.

Exotic Room

Answer #3: Dads like animals. Especially ones that seem dangerous or exotic (my own dad has a scar on his left arm that he tells wide-eyed children he got from wrestling an alligator. I won’t tell you how it really got there …). He may have never been on safari, but he has dreamed about it. It appeals to his primal hunter-gatherer instinct.

Man Cave

Answer #4: Dads like games. You think because they’re all grown up they have to stop playing games, but that simply isn’t the case. No matter how old your dad gets, he will always love to play games. Why not indulge his inner man-child with a place he can have the guys over in style?

{via Sligh Furniture}
{via Sligh Furniture}

Answer #5: Dads like gadgets. You know it’s true. Dads really dig furniture that has buttons, levers, and mechanical workings. Whether it’s this fabulous plasma TV lift cabinet from Sligh Furniture…

{via Hooker Furniture}
{via Hooker Furniture}

… or the Moccato lift-top cocktail table from Hooker Furniture, your dad thinks all things mechanical are cool. And this is perfect for those times when he’s working on his laptop at home!

{via Bradington Young}
{via Bradington Young}

Answer #6: Dads love recliners. I think this goes without saying, but it’s true. I dare you to try to find a dad who doesn’t love recliners. This is really related to #5 (gadgets) because recliners are really just super-comfy furnishings with moving parts that your dad can play with for hours. And Furnitureland South wants to help you with your Father’s Day shopping!! You can win this beautiful leather recliner in our Décor for Dad Recliner Giveaway – satisfying both his love of gadgets and recliners (and thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone).

So hurry over and register your dad to win! What deserving Dad wouldn’t love to kick back and relax in a new, leather recliner? Treat yourself or your favorite dad to comfort and style during June by registering for your chance to win a Chippendale Reclining Wing Chair from Bradington Young! Register online or visit Furnitureland South to enter.

Hurry! You don’t want to miss it!

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