Why are there such differences in mattress prices?

IMG_9069croppedA while back I wrote a post titled Put Your Money Where Your Mattress Is, and since we just had the official grand opening of our beautiful Sleepland gallery at Furnitureland South, I thought this would be the perfect time to follow up on this topic.

People come to our store every day and ask “I saw a mattress at XYZ Mattress Co. for $399.00, and you have one from the same company for $999.00. What is the difference?” That is a great question for a smart shopper to ask. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right bed.  Today I am going to focus on traditional innerspring mattresses.  I’ll follow up with another post on memory foam and latex beds.

SertaThe first thing to remember when you see lots of different price points from the same brand is that mattress manufacturers want to sell to everyone and provide for every room in the home. Therefore they have products to fit into different price and quality categories. The mattress you have in your master bedroom might not be the same one that you want for your guest room (that is unless you tend to get into a LOT of trouble with your wife; then it might actually be a good idea), and most of the time a growing child needs a different mattress than an adult does.  Mattress companies offer different beds for these different needs.

When judging how much to spend on your mattress, it is important to remember that your top priority should be a quality night’s sleep.  In his article “Don’t Sell Mattresses… Sell “Quality of Life” Through the Science of Sleep”, Ron Wolinski states, “To accomplish peak performance, we humans must, on average, invest one-third of our lives to sleep.  Studies show that every hour of sleep deprivation below 8 hours results in a 25% loss in productivity.”  Sleep loss can lead to diabetes, raised blood pressure, weight gain and an increased vulnerability to cancer.

And it’s not just laying down that counts.  The key is to obtain uninterrupted sleep. The 2 major reasons for interrupted sleep are the transfer of motion from one partner to the other when one of them turns. The other is back pain, which is caused by the lack of proper spinal alignment and support by the mattress.

That being said, let’s go back to our mattress prices.  The main difference when it comes to the price of a mattress is frequently what you DON’T see:  the components on the inside of the bed.  Better mattresses will have components that help you achieve proper spinal alignment and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Individually pocketed coil systemsbeautyrest tech_coil_open
    Better mattress designs will wrap each coil individually in a fabric encasement to keep one coil from pulling on the next, as opposed to less expensive models where all the coils are wired together.  A mattress containing individually pocketed coils dramatically decreases the amount of body motion transfer, meaning you don’t wake up when your partner turns over, and you get a much better night’s sleep, which is certainly worth the extra dollars!
  • Full foam encasement
    Total-Edge-Complete-Foam-EncasementFoam encasement will prevent the edge from sinking in when you sit on it. Also, if you’ve ever felt like you were falling off the edge of your bed, it might mean that your mattress did not have foam encasement, which keeps the last row of springs from “pushing” you off the side.  It also creates a flatter surface, which actually gives you more “sleepable” space on the bed, and the more room you have to sleep, the less chance you have of being disturbed by your partner, which leads to that coveted uninterrupted sleep.
  • Foam layers
    Beautyrest memory_foamMost nicer models have a layer of memory foam or latex in addition to the traditional foams for superior pressure-point relief, while still having the full-body support of the springs. Cool gel is another technology that could drive the price a bit higher but is completely worth it if you’re a hot sleeper.  Cool gel gives you the same pressure point relief, but it sleeps cooler than memory foam.

So when looking into mattresses, ask a couple of different questions to make sure you are talking apples to apples when comparing models.

Sleeping well can assist you in having the energy to live life the way you want to live it!!

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