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High·boy : (noun) a tall chest of drawers with a legged base

Wondering what that 85-foot tall structure is when you enter Furnitureland South? It’s the World’s Largest 18th Century Highboy replica.

Sid Lenger created the design for the Highboy. It was then traced onto a template, foam was added for flexibility and the team at Central Carolina Interiors carved out the design. The six-foot finial began as a mere block of foam, and had to be crafted off-site using a lathe.

Furnitureland South HighboyVisitors from far and wide come to see the Highboy—often sharing their Highboy photos through social media. I have included my own personal favorite photo of the Highboy below, and encourage you to join in the social media conversation by sharing your own favorite memories of this unique landmark. Tweet your photos to @FurniturelandS and @FLS_TimOBrien!

Furnitureland South Highboy

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