Poppi and Vik’s Extreme Home Makeover

The Clients New Home

Poppi and Vik came to me in October and asked for help with the new home they had just purchased in Charlotte, NC. They had recently moved from apartment life and had sold all of their “college” furniture. They wanted their new home, as Poppi said, to “look like something out of a magazine”.

Being enthusiastic new homeowners, the first thing they did was paint the rooms to add color to the house. That became our inspiration, as well as our challenge, in finding just the right look in rugs and fabrics that they each liked.  It was evident their style was more transitional with clean lines and rich colors, so some changes had to be made to the interior of the house also.  The first thing was the color of the hardwood floors which were re-stained in an espresso finish. The kitchen cabinets were replaced with a more modern style stained a bit darker than the floors and granite countertops replaced the dated look of the white tile. One of the biggest changes was the wall in the family room with the off center fireplace.  We redesigned the wall by centering the fireplace and added niches on either side, faced with stone. This allowed the fireplace to become the focal point of the room. What a beautiful transformation!

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project


Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

The lines of the Michael Weiss sofa, along with the nailhead design, added a look of casual elegance to the room.  We chose really comfortable slipper chairs by Vanguard, which keep the room open and inviting.  Meanwhile the hand tufted Surya rug really anchored the furniture. Without much wall space, we didn’t have room to put up as much art as Poppi wanted, so I designed the window treatment with the idea of it being the “art” on that side of the room. By installing them just under the crown molding, the window treatments bring your eye up and around the room. I think the look accomplished exactly what we wanted.

Before Photo

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

We removed all of the plantation shutters from the windows to open up the rooms. In the living room, we dressed out the windows in beautiful draperies and used a more formal upholstered cornice with draperies in the dining room.  The color we pulled through the house was the “Mocha” from the living room. In doing this, I was able to use turquoise as the accent color in the living room, which worked beautifully with the deep yellow in the family room.

Living Room Before Photo



Living Room Before Photo

Living Room Project - Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project


Breakfast Nook Before Photo

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

The guest room had been painted a soft gray blue.  In keeping with Poppi’s love of bold color and pattern, we selected Hampton Hill bedding in a black and white geometric, purchased ready-made draperies, and customized the accent color and trim.  The pop of red was just enough to make both her and Vik smile!

Guest Bedroom Before Photo

Guest bed Cherry

The master bedroom was one of the biggest challenges, as it had been painted two shades of plum.  I wanted to make this room sophisticated, serene and inviting.  The upholstered bed in dark mahogany, by Stanley, crisp white bed linens, custom draperies in a geometric pattern and the Orion rug pulled this room together perfectly!

Bedroom | Before Photo

Bedroom After Photo by Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

detailsWhen “move in” day arrived, I sent Poppi and Vik off to work just as the Furnitureland South truck pulled up. Then came another truck with installers and all of the help I needed to completely transform their home from “empty” to “finished” in 8 hours.  At the end of the day, when they walked in the door and saw a completely furnished home, Poppi made all the work worthwhile . . . she said through tears, “I can’t believe this is my home and I get to live here.”

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

Cherry Yount
Cherry Yount is a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
336.822.3000 Ext. 3311

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New Show Filmed at Furnitureland South

Space Off_460x268

Episode One | When a bachelor purchases a new urban loft, he needs to furnish the space for multiple purposes – living, working and entertaining – all on a tight budget. Can our designers make him feel at home?

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new show filmed in our store: ‘Space Off’, airing on The Design Network.

Each episode, Furnitureland South designers are faced with a new challenge and have just one day to plan their designs, shop, furnish, and style their space. The hosts of ‘Space Off’ are our very own Jeff and Jason Harris, Executive VP’s of Furnitureland South. They, along with special guest judges decide the winner of each challenge. Viewers can also vote for their favorite design on The Design Network after creating a profile.

Ever find yourself asking where to purchase certain products used on popular design shows? With The Design Network there is no guessing. Each episode has an integrated feature called ‘Pop Out Video’ to lend to the viewing experience. You can view the products in real time as they appear during the show. Save the products you love or shop directly from the product link. We hope you tune into each episode to see the amazingly talented designers here at Furnitureland South. We can’t wait to share additional episodes.

Who will become ‘Space Off’ Champions? You can keep track of the show on The Design Network. Hop over to The Design Network Facebook page to like or subscribe for even more inspiring content.

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Over Winter and Ready For Color!

I don’t know about you, but I am over this winter.  Even here in North Carolina we have been hit with snow, ice, and single digit temperatures (wait, I thought I left Chicago to avoid this weather?).

In order to cope with the dreary cold, I’m sharing some of my favorite cheerful interiors.

Enjoy {and stay warm}!



wesley hall

Kate Zylstra | Design Consultant
Email: katezylstra@furniturelandsouth.com
Office: 336.822.3000 ext 2622 | Fax: 336.822.3816

Watch Kate’s Video Bio: http://bit.ly/1do2jFu

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The Teal Deal

I have always been drawn to the richness of teal, even though my palette typically tends to warmer hues and neutrals, this color can spark up a room or a table setting beautifully.  It has been trending for a while, but it still feels very fresh and vibrant. Teal continues to be used in surprising new ways in home furnishings.

Here are just a few new items in teal:

The Lucas Chair by Huntington House

A bold Jacobean print on this chair gives the classic a jolt of color and a modern twist.

Huntington House Furniture - Lucas Chair in Teal Floral Fabric

 Cannon Stationary Sofa by Bradington Young

Talk about the ‘wow factor’;  this sofa pulls no punches when it comes to making a statement. The deep teal hue of this leather is both bold and sophisticated.  It would look gorgeous against a chocolate brown backdrop or with dark wooden end tables.

Teal Leather Sofa - Bradington Young Furniture

Aqua Wine Cabinet by Four Hands

Okay, so this is not really teal but it’s a gorgeous complement to the color story.  This cabinet actually opens up to a full-bar with a fold-out, inlaid stone top, making any space ready for a great party.

Aqua Wine Cab

Sapphire Finish by Century

This simply stunning wood finish by Century hits every high note of teal.  It is rich and complex and will make any accent piece an instant icon in a room.


Dressing Chest in Sapphire by Century



Catherine Gardner | Furnitureland South Design Consultant
336.822.3000 x3119

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“Leather Be Thy Name”

Leather is one of the most popular, as well as, the most durable of upholstered furniture. It is largely trending in upholstered beds, occasional tables and other accents. Some industry experts even quote leather as being three times “more durable than any fabric”.

Leather Color and Texture Swatches

Leathercraft Color and Ebosed Leather Swatches

Is leather the right look or choice for your room?
Leather furniture has been used for centuries as a beautiful and timeless alternative to fabric, especially upholstered furniture. I personally love the endless possibilities of the color, look, and feel leather provides when using it in my client’s space. The most common leathers are aniline and finished leathers.
stamped leather samples stamped leather swatch - leather craft and century2


Aniline leathers will typically have a softer hand, resembling that “old baseball glove” and will be most representative of the hide in its most natural state.

These characteristics may show marks, scars, insect bites or other history that came with the animal. Aniline leathers are going to lack the protection against stains and spills, and are going to be less kid and pet friendly.

natural leather textures


For those living a life of high traffic, pets, and kids, the finished leather is going to be the best option for you and is going to account for the majority of all leather purchases.

Finished leathers are treated and altered to give the hide a more uniform appearance. Most finished leathers are due to the addition of conditioner, dyes, and waxes.

GLAM - Marge Carson - white leather with crystals




Most of our mid to higher-end leather manufacturers will use at least 6-8 hides when creating a standard size sofa or couch. Beware or ‘be aware’ that less expensive options of leather are frequented in today’s leather marketplace. Leather vinyl will be one of these options and will offer leather only in the seated area accompanied by a vinyl twin or match to complete the frame.

Bonded leathers are the least expensive of all leather- like options consisting of a leather byproduct applied to a fabric backing.

Leather is Leather is Leather…….. Or  Is It?

Charlie Sheffield
Charlie Sheffield is a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
336.822.3000 Ext. 2838
View Charlie’s Video Bio!

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Gold The Color of Champions and Symbol of Success

All that glitters is not bronzesilver or gold, but with the Winter Olympic Games upon us, let’s focus on these honorary medals. They are symbols of achievement, perseverance, and honor… truly precious metals.

Team USA is still holding the top of the medal count with 27 medals. In fact, 9 of the 27 medals are first place gold medals, followed by 7 silver, and 11 bronze medals.


The color gold has long been known as a color of success, the symbol of prosperity and in its physical nature signifies wealth all over the world. Historically, idols were made out of it, and people worshipped them as gods. Throughout time, gold even began permeating our language by being used as a descriptor to describe things like: the gold standard, gold protection plans, and the golden rule. Eventually in the early 1900’s,  it was chosen as the color and material given to the first place winner for any Olympic game.

Nonetheless, gold has not always been the ‘golden child’ throughout history. Even with all of these positive associations, design doesn’t always play by the same rules. For example, associations in design play a major role in what a client will love and what they will hate. If gold reminds them of old and dated interiors that have long gone out of fashion, it may not matter how well you tell them it will look, they may always have a negative emotion associated with it. Therefore, I have attached a few images below to show how I like to incorporate gold into interiors, and how it can transcend associations of being gaudy and old-fashioned.

If you are one of those clients who has a negative association with gold then use it sparingly on accents and allow yourself to warm up to it over time. Use shades of gold that aren’t as visually loud as others and don’t reproduce your negative associations.

crlaine - pink - chloe chair

C.R. Laine

Gold is a warm color, so I use it as an accent to add some warmth to a room and draw ones eye to a significant element.

C.R. Laine

C.R. Laine

Gold can transcend and be incorporated into any style, wether contemporary or traditional.

Baker Furniture


Baker Furniture


To get you started, here is a collection of accents from our store that I love and often use within my interior designs.

Gold Accents

So…if you’re looking to re-design any room in your home or even looking to add a few accent pieces that will complete and add interest to what you already have, please email me and make an appointment. Together, we will make your home beautiful.

Jayson Parker | Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
jaysonparker@furniturelandsouth.com  —  336.822.3343

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Silver… It’s So Cool!

All that glitters is not bronzesilver or gold, but with the Winter Olympic Games upon us, let’s focus on these honorary medals. They are symbols of achievement, perseverance, and honor… truly precious metals.

Team USA holds 25 medals as of today, putting them at the top! The medal breakdown so far: 8-GOLD, 6-SILVER, and 11-BRONZE medals.


While it’s not 1st place ranking in the Olympic Games, I think it reigns supreme when it comes to interior design. It’s cool, classy, and has understated elegance. Silver reveals itself in metallic wood finishes, shiny stainless steel frames, decorative hardware, nailhead trim, intricate eglomise glass and mirrors.Take a look at some of my favorites:

Mirrored and Eglomise Furniture

22_931GRS_PS11_fpo century

Century Furniture

vgf_rs_p527s Buffet



Lillian August Fine Furniture

Silver Leaf and Metallic Finishes

Marge Carson Piazza Collection

Marge Carson

BOS06_51 Marge Carson Silver Leaf Console

Marge Carson



Nickel and Stainless Steel

tfh_rs_102 Vanguard


Lexington and Vanguard

Lexington and Vanguard

Hardware and  Nailhead Trim

Lexington Sofa and Emerson et Cie Ottomans

Lexington and Emerson et Cie

Chandeliers and Lighting

Silver lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps

Arteriors and Currey and Company Lighting

So cheers to all our silver Olympians! We celebrate your supreme achievements in Sochi. May we all find a way to “take it up a notch”…  so, inject some silver into your home design, and enjoy the results.

For more inspiration, view my Silver Houzz Ideabook.

Barbara Schaver | Furnitureland South Design Consultant
Email: barbaraschaver@furniturelandsouth.com
Phone: (336) 822-3339

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Bronze Age for a New Day

All that glitters is not bronze, silver or gold, but with the Winter Olympic Games upon us, let’s focus on these honorary medals. They are symbols of achievement, perseverance, and honor… truly precious metals.

Today, the US athletes are tied with Norway, each holding 20 medals. Team USA has a solid streak, with 6-GOLD, 4-SILVER, and 10-BRONZE medals.


Bronze is basically the most unpretentious of metals.  An object made of bronze seems to say:  “I am no frills, strong and made for functionality”, that in and of itself is the inherent beauty of bronze. The oil rubbed bronze on trend today works with virtually any décor from traditional to modern. This element ages gracefully and will develop a patina of beautiful depth. Lastly, bronze adds warmth to a room.  I have picked some of my favorite bronze home accents below that will work with any home decor – sleek or cozy , masculine or feminine.

Theta Bronze Wall Sconce by Currey and Company with Shimmery Shell Shade

Theta Bronze Wall Sconce by Currey and Company with Shimmery Shell Shade

Ponce Bar Cart by Arteriors

Ponce Bar Cart by Arteriors

Grand Tour  Chairside table by Century

Grand Tour Chairside table by Century

Log Stool in Bronze by Phillips Collection.

Log Stool in Bronze by Phillips Collection.

Coldwell Iron Bed by Wesley Allen.

Coldwell Iron Bed by Wesley Allen

Catherine Gardner | Furnitureland South Design Consultant
336.822.3000 x3119

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Ralph Lauren for Team USA and Your Home

Once again, controversy follows the outfits sported by Team USA for the 2014 Winter Olympics!

Love it or hate it, you have to agree that what they represent is American pride! Designed by the iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren and proudly made in the USA, this time they are patriotically emblazed in red, white, and blue.

2014 Ralph Lauren Team USA Olympic Wool Sweater


While you may not win a gold medal, you can celebrate certain victory in your own home. Ralph Lauren, known for his impeccable style and quality, transcends the apparel world and flourishes in his home furnishings!

Enjoy some favorites, inspired by our Team USA colors!

Ralph Lauren

A charming 19th-century English spool chair gains sophistication in an ebony finish. The generous chair features a cushion back and deep upholstered seat, outlined in pewter nailheads.

louis XVI chair

This Louis XVI style chair has nailhead borders, fluted legs and gold leaf accents, a beautifully fashioned accent piece.

red and black chair

Camargue Arm Chair with Upholstered Back

white ralph lauren chair

Influenced by classic Chippendale designs, this Regency-style chair has elegantly carved pine legs and arms.

white sofa

This classic English sofa is deep and enveloping with simple pleated rolled arms and bun feet.

bedroom bed

ralph bed 2

bedroom 3

Olga Smith| Design Consultant at Furnitureland South - Associate ASID
336. 822. 3000 x2944

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Welcome to Sleepland Linens

Sleepland Linens

We’re so excited to be rolling out a new bed linen program here at Furnitureland South! We’ve always carried beautiful linens but we’re putting a bit of a new spin on them these days . . . so here’s deal:

You can now shop for linens throughout our campus: All 500 of our beds have always been dressed, but we’ve recently updated many of them with brand new linens, so you can shop for linens as you shop for furniture. This new style of shopping gives you hundreds of choices displayed all in one store! Two of the best galleries to shop are Lexington and Restoration Vintage. We have 20 different linen vendors displayed in these 2 galleries alone.

Look for the new collection signage: Each new bedding collection has been curated by our linen specialist and gallery designers. Many of our vendors sell their linens a la carte, but many of our customers prefer to see the finished product. We’ve done the work for you! The signs give you a pre-set, basic linen package and also list the option to upgrade with additional pieces. This allows you to keep it simple, or have your bed totally decked out.

$300 or $5,000, your choice: As with our furniture, we offer you a range of price points. Many clients want only the finest Italian linens for their master bedroom, but (understandably) are looking for something a little more modest for their rental home at the coast. We can put together a basic ensemble for you, starting at around $300, or we can have you sleeping like royalty in a $5,000 ensemble– your wish is our command.

Creative types still welcome: We’re not trying to take the fun out of it! If you have a flair for design and want to customize your entire ensemble, by all means, come to the Linen Studio in our new Design Center! We have fabric samples and catalogs from all 25 of our linen vendors. This allows you to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Jessica Yelverton | Sleepland Linens Bedding Specialist
Phone: 822.3000 ext. 2432
Email: jessicayelverton@furniturelandsouth.com

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