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Why shop locally, when you can shop at the World’s Largest— 1.3-million square foot —furniture showroom in the Furniture Capital of the World? Treat us like we are in your backyard and let us be your “local” resource for home furnishings. Prior to your visit, we can offer great concierge service as well as suggest which of the three major area airports would be the best choice from your city of travel. Furnitureland South partners with various area hotels—whether you prefer a boutique style hotel, such as the historic J.H. Adams Inn in downtown High Point, or luxurious amenities, like those offered at the Grandover Resort  in nearby Greensboro, we will help you find accommodations that perfectly fit your needs. Let us help you customize your trip.
Design Center Library Design Center WorkstationPrivate VIP RoomDesigners—bring your clients with you year-round and take advantage of our state-of-the-art Design Center, which includes great work spaces, current fabric and finish samples and great resources such as private VIP rooms, free Wi-Fi service and refreshments. We carry over 1,000 manufacturers with large displays of the industry’s top name-brands, and add new vendors year round. We ship nationwide and offer the best White Glove Delivery Service.

Design Center

Tim O'Brien

Timothy O’Brien | Design Consultant

Contact Tim to learn more about our store and resources for interior designers:
Mobile (Direct): 336.906.4420
Office: 336.822.3000 Ext. 3301
Fax: 336.822.3756

Find out what other design professionals are saying about Tim: “It has been my pleasure and great joy to work with Tim and FLS over the last 15 years.  It is hard to believe there is a better design center and furniture company with more attention to detail than yours.  You, of course, are an integral part of my decision to refer my clients to FLS.  Thank you for making me look like a hero in the design world!”-Debbie Sykes, Interior Designer

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The Bridal Suite of Wedding ‘Whites’

Wedding season is upon us! This beautiful time of year is the perfect setting for any wedding style—whether whimsical, sophisticated, glamorous, or relaxed. Similarly, from antique ivories to champagnes to petal pinks, the modern bride is no longer limited to the traditional pure white gown. The updated looks and color palettes of these distinctive bridal styles are also inspiring today’s most fashionable interiors.

As both a newlywed and a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South, I have realized how furniture & fashion are married. Trends and style elements from the runway and the aisle find their way into the details of home design. This is especially true for bedrooms! You can see how the bed designs shown here evoke these inspiring bridal looks.

Vintage and Elegant
Vintage & ElegantSophisticated and Sleek
Sophisticated & SleekSoft, Romantic, and Chic
Soft, Romantic, & ChicWhimsical
DramaticSimple and Relaxed
Simple & RelaxedGlamorous


Kristin Grubb

Kristin Grubb | Design Consultant
Office: 336.822.3000 Ext. 3109
Mobile: 336.558.6404














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Your Style, Your Home

Designers often feel that they should guide clients towards matching pieces of furniture. One of my passions as a design consultant here at Furnitureland South, is to allow my clients to actually curate their own spaces instead of imposing these outdated design rules on them. I believe that the focus should not be on creating a picture-perfect space but rather creating the individual client’s perfect space. My experiences in home design and set design enable me to envision how a piece of furniture or a room design will fit my clients’ unique needs and lifestyles.

We all want our homes to look beautiful—but more importantly, how do we want the space to feel? My clients ask me, “Does it go together?” My response is always, “Do you love it? If you love it then it goes!” Why not have a space filled with signature items that you love, as opposed to items that simply match?

Finding design inspiration is challenging for some—but I think of it as an opportunity instead of a challenge. If you feel that your space does not represent who you truly are, then reach out to me. We will work together to discover and create your perfect home.

I recently took part in an episode of “Space Off” on The Design Network, where my teammate Patrick and I competed against another duo of Furnitureland South designers. Each team was tasked with creating the perfect living and dining spaces for a vacation getaway condo at the beach. I’ve included some images of the pieces that personally inspired me when designing the rooms.

This sofa inspired me because of the scale and detailed 360 degree view. The low profile allowed the space to remain very open.

This sofa inspired me because of the scale and detailed 360 degree view. The low profile allowed the space to remain very open.

Shadow and Stone Server by Baker Furniture

This credenza was on point with the brass details and neutral palette.


#4-option 2

Famed designer and lifestyle expert, B. Smith, was our special guest judge.

Famed designer and lifestyle icon, B. Smith, was our special guest judge.

Liz Gennett

Liz Gennett | Design Consultant
Office: 336.822.3000 Ext. 3464
Mobile: 828.553.9249

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My Father and His Recliner

Karen's Parents
The one thing that sticks in my mind is the relationship my parents always had.

I see many couples come into Furnitureland South and there is an ongoing dispute over whether the husband or boyfriend gets his say to have a recliner in the room we are furnishing. Growing up there was always a recliner in the living room or family room for my father to sit in and watch TV and usually on Friday nights, as a young child, I would sit on his lap while he watched the Friday night fights.   He would have a bowl of some snack, usually peanuts or popcorn that he made the old-fashioned way with oil in a pan and a lid. I would fall asleep way before the end of the program and he would be leaning back in his recliner holding me until my mother woke us to go to bed.

My father has been gone now for 12 years, but he lived with my mother on their own into his early 90′s.  He always had a recliner and even during those last years of his life when his mind was as bright as ever but his body was failing, he enjoyed sitting in his recliner to read the newspaper, do the crossword puzzle that day or just bear with my mother’s soap operas on TV!

His recliner was usually some blue or green tweed, but it was his chair and I can still see him sitting in it. I miss my father and know that his chair is the one thing he loved of all the furniture they ever bought.  You can always fit a recliner into the room……

Karen Beveridge


Karen Beveridge | Design Consultant
Office: 336.822.3000 Ext. 3332
Mobile: 336.404.2908



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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Chair

With so many great modern styles represented in our new Modern Gallery, you can’t forget about Mid-Century Modern. Characterized by clean lines, simplicity and an attention to function, Mid-Century Modern furniture continues to be on trend today.

Mid-Century Sofa and Ottomans

One of the greatest things about Mid-Century Modern pieces is that they can blend into a wide variety of spaces. You can pair a piece with a more contemporary setting, with vintage pieces that have been passed down through generations, or mix it into your transitional or eclectic space for an added pop.

Mid-Century Chairs and Cocktail Table

Mid-Century Dining Table and Chairs

The exciting array of pieces in the Modern Gallery will enable you to achieve a personalized Mid-Century Modern look.  From fabulous upholstery pieces—sofas, chairs, and ottomans—to dining, bedroom, accents and accessories, you’ll find everything you want!

Mid-Century Sofa and Cocktail Table

And with such a fun style, this can be the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color. From blues to oranges to reds, Mid-Century Modern is sure to give you that splash of color in some unexpected places!

Mid-Century Wall Clocks

Many notable manufacturers, like Control Brand, Dwell Studio for Precedent, Lazar Industries, Nuevo, Precedent, Thayer Coggin, Younger, and Zuo Modern, are all located in our new Modern Gallery. With so many great lines and collections to choose from, you are sure to find something to work into your room!  Or we can mix-and-match manufacturers, as shown below to create the perfect Mid-Century space…the outcomes are endless!

Meg McMillan Room Scene

Some of my favorite pieces in my own home are my Mid-Century Modern finds!  They add the perfect touch to bring together different styles in my space. Come visit Furnitureland South and we’ll find the perfect pieces to create your home!


Meg McMillan






Meg McMillan | Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
Office: 336.822.3000 Ext. 3307

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Coastal Condo in Myrtle Beach

CO-AUTHORChristina Garrison

In June of 2013 our client, Nancy, arrived at Furnitureland South and needed to quickly furnish her 4-bedroom luxury high-rise penthouse, located in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Nancy needed to have everything ready to ship the week of July 4th, so that she could open for rentals. Knowing time was critical, we searched for items that were available for immediate delivery from our 300,000-plus square foot Outlet.  As we shopped, we kept track of items of interest by taking photos all over our expansive campus.

By the end of the first day, we started to have a vision for each room. Nancy had several personal antiques that she wanted to use, so we were mindful of these during our selection process. One such piece was a unique seashell bust that we used for inspiration.

Seashell Bust-Beach Condo

We began day two with rested minds and eyes, and the project really started to take shape.  Christina and I have been coworkers and friends for 25 years and it is magical when we work together—just magical!  To help our client visualize her furnished getaway, we became movers:

“Carry this cocktail table over to that Huntington House sofa…”

Huntington House Sofa

“I found the perfect dining chairs to go with this table!”

Sharon Table 2 chairs Outlet

Other amazing Outlet finds included this Heritage Cane Bench by GuildMaster:

Guildmaster Heritage BenchAnd this versatile Port Royal Side Chair by Stanley Furniture:

Stanley Port Royal Side Chair

On and on it went, until we were finally finished. Nancy left tired but very pleased, not only with the selections, but also because we were able to stay within her budget.

Christina joined forces with Chris, Julie, and Willie in our delivery department to have items pulled from display and routed to our huge distribution center.  Between these guys and our White Glove Delivery team, we made the deadline.

And speaking of delivery-when the Furnitureland South drivers arrived, a falcon perched atop the condo’s balcony railing and stayed there for the entire installation process. Nancy felt as though she had the bird’s approval and blessing for her new space. This inspired her to commission a painting of the falcon which she now proudly displays in her newly renovated haven.

It is easy to see why Nancy loves her view! We paired this game table with these versatile upholstered chairs to create the perfect spot to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Sharon balcony view

Nancy’s updated dining room combines style with coastal charm–perfect for a luxury beach condo. The treasured falcon painting hangs prominently above the breakfast bar.

Sharon dining room

Sharon Barnhill and Christina Garrison | Design Consultants at Furnitureland South
Email: or
Office: 822.3000 ext 3372 or 822.3000 ext. 3455

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Flying High with GJ Styles

Man Cave Series #2

“A man cave is a special part of the house dedicated to a man’s own pursuits and passions, whether spending time alone or with his mates” -Anonymous

Ray Haire #1

On Memorial Day, we honor our veterans for their patriotism, service, and sacrifice for our country. Photographs are an essential part of documenting our American military history. During World War II, this history was immortalized in the classic black and white photos of the time. These iconic pieces serve as the basis for the Aviator Collection developed by GJ Styles.

GJ Styles Aviator Collection Cowling MirrorBensington Sofa GJ StylesDrawing inspiration from WWII fighter bombers and pilots, GJ Styles has created an exceptionally artistic collection. The styles and features of these iconic planes and the Air Force pilots who flew them are woven throughout the entire Aviator Collection.GJ Styles Aviator Collection ChestGJ Styles Aviator Collection Chair

The sleek, aerodynamic lines of each piece are reminiscent of the aircraft, while design elements of the plane’s wing tips, engine, turbine, and cockpit are translated into functional, modern form.
GJ Styles Aviator Collection DeskGJ Styles Aviator Collection StoolGJ Styles Aviator Collection Hercules Bookcase


When it comes to pieces for a Man Cave- this collection soars!

Ray Haire | Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
336.822.3000 Ext. 3533

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Glamorous Side of Comfort

She craved glamorous,  he wanted a livable space – and this was our “Space Off” design challenge! We feel like we managed to accomplish both needs. Who said that the comfort for him should translate into a less attractive space for her?  Our take was, that as a long-time married couple, they would also have somewhat similar tastes. We did not just want to assume that the husband was devoid of style and simply wanted a recliner and remote!  Therefore, we took a different approach: to find “glamorously comfortable” pieces and accent them with “wow” factor accessories!

We were ready to rock this room fabulous!

space off 1

The Constellation Mirror by Baker Furniture uniquely exudes the luxury our clients craved. This mirror immediately became the pivotal piece in our design plan.

space off 2

Another “wow” factor which supercharged our design concept, was the use of  “Radiant Orchid”, Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’! As designers, we feel it is vitally important to stay on trend.  Radiant Orchid is such a fresh and glamorous color! However it is a strong color, so we used  it sparingly, mainly in accessories. If ever the clients desire a new look, those can be easily changed.

space off 3

Radiant Orchid paired well with the Sherwin Williams ‘Dorian Gray’ – a shade as timeless as Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece, such a perfect backdrop for an extraordinary accent color.

Dorian Gray

The Baker Furniture sectional is superbly inviting and absolutely gorgeous. She can curl up on the chaise and he can put his feet up in style on the ottoman table.  Baker upholstered furniture has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most comfortable in the world, as even the judges themselves confessed, “not only stylish, but very comfortable”. Throughout the room we utilized lighter neutrals that are on-trend now: creams, taupes and soft grays. But please don’t ever let light fabrics frighten you; we have a wonderful protection plan which makes any fabric choice, red wine friendly!

space off 4

As you can see, textures of wood and metal tied the space together, beautifully.

space off 5

This has been an incredible experience… we love a challenge, especially doing what we do best! And as always, we had a fantastic time designing for our clients!

space off 6

PS: We were asked if knowing what we know now, we could perhaps have ordered a recliner in “Radiant Orchid”?  But, that would have been to win the contest!  We are in it to win for the client, and we have no regrets! space off with olga and maria

“Comfortable does not need to be boring!”

Olga Smith & Maria Ray

Olga Smith| Design Consultant at Furnitureland South - Associate ASID
336. 822. 3000 x2944

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Let there be light!

Modern spaces lend themselves to fresh, bright, and most of all natural light. Our new modern gallery here at Furnitureland South is no exception! With so much natural light flowing into the space, fixtures become more of a statement and in some cases pieces of art.


Clean lines are the most discernible characteristic of contemporary decor. Some prefer to reflect that feature in their lighting.


Lighting in a modern space can also act as a conversation piece. Because the furnishings are so often very simple and clean, we have an opportunity to add some spice with a sculptural element like that featured in the below photo!


A trend that we are seeing so much of at this High Point Market is furnishings with an industrial flair. We love the concept of mixing clean, sleek furniture with a bit of rustic charm. It allows us to effortlessly mix materials like metal and wood into a design.


Bunching several pendants together is the most “fab” lighting trend out there. It allows us to bring more light into a space without using an over-powering piece that will outweigh the scale of the furniture below it.


So Let There be Light! Take chances with lighting and allow it to act as functional art in your home.

Kaitlyn Carpenter
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Brand New Modern Gallery Opening!

Modern-Gallery_2nd_3Furnitureland South’s new Modern Gallery is now open. The space spans nearly 40,000 square feet and hosts the best modern and contemporary furniture, lighting, rug and decor lines in the industry. Located on the fourth floor of the Mart, this new gallery features names like Zuo ModernMaria YeeNuevoSkovby,  LazarPrecedentDwell Studio for Precedent, Huppe, Calvin Klein, Control Brand & many more!



Plan your visit to the gallery by setting up an appointment with one of our design consultants! Your designer will help you select fabrics, finishes and other custom options to make the most of your modern design. You will expect to find exceptional quality at a great value, so working on a budget is no problem. Our design consultants knows how to maximize your time and money.




Stay tuned for more blogs on modern furniture in the coming weeks. Tell us your thoughts and leave comments below, if you would like to hear more about the gallery. We hope to see you at the grand opening on May 6th, 2014 at 11:00 am!

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