Football’s Back! Recliners You’ll Sit in All Season Long

To truly enjoy football season there are a few things you need: a great TV, delicious snacks, and the PERFECT recliner. At Furnitureland, we guarantee you’ll find one you want to take home with you. Our design consultants will help you Goldilocks your way through “too hard” and “too soft” until you find one that’s just right!

The Former Football Player


This leather beauty from Thomasville Furniture is perfect for the former football player. Two, count ’em, two cup holders, power reclining, and a tight seat for longevity. Buy just one… or three for you and your old teammates.

The Techie


Enhance your high definition, surround sound, football watching experience with Palliser’s Media Recliner. Power your chair using LED lit controls by the cup holder. Store remotes, phones, and snacks in the space under the arm rest. Internal features ensure long-lasting support and comfort. The bells and whistles on this thing, both inside and out, are sure to impress every guest.

The Cozy Classic


A fantastic choice for lovers of all things cozy, this Palliser rocking recliner will have you nestled in for hours of quality touchdown-watching, snack-munching, referee-yelling good times. Just be careful not to close your eyes for a second or you might fall fast asleep.

The Mid-Century Modern


Those of you looking for a stylish way to bring in the football season, look no further than the iconic Thayer Coggin recliner. Not your typical sporting recliner, we know… you might not have even known it is a recliner.

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Fashion to Furniture Style Match: The Jet-Setter


If you’re having a hard time finding the furniture pieces that will perfectly express you, Furnitureland South is a great place start looking. Design Consultant, Samantha Rose, helped Emily find her perfect style match by matching her style of clothing to furniture pieces found at FLS.

The “Jet-Setter” is a contemporary, energetic, and clean style. This type of person is always on the go, traveling from one desirable location to the next. Functionality, quality, and comfort are just as important as the stylish yet timeless look. Emily’s outfit is a great example of this style. She’s keeping it low-key with white but has fun with a pop of pattern. The shoes are fashionable but great for extensive walking.

The Jet Set Dresser by Bernhardt is a perfect style match in name, in functionality, and in look. The soft white of the drawers is cleanly outlined in a rich wood with accents of gold for elegance. These handles are reminiscent of earrings. They provide a subtle texture similar to the texture of the jewelry in Emily’s outfit.


Just as Emily has chosen pants with an interesting pattern, choosing a textured headboard is a great way to visually break up your space. The linens and the rug offer the pops of color that create a welcoming feel that may otherwise be absent in a contemporary setting.


Another way to create a warm welcome is to add a fun accent piece like this Lexington bed bench for texture. If you get stuck picking out accent pieces for your room think about what kind of accessories you love most and start there!




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Fashion to Furniture Style Match: In Love with Florals

Narrowing down your style as you shop the world’s largest furniture store can be a bit of a challenge. Looking in the mirror can be a great place to start. The latest trends in fashion often influence the latest trends in furniture, so it follows that your clothing style will translate to your home as well! Furnitureland South Design Consultant, Samantha Rose, has found her “Fashion to Furniture Style Match” in one of our newest galleries: On Trend. The colors in her pants and top match perfectly with the rug and the accent wall. The mixing of different textures in her outfit (tough Army pants, soft linen shirt, and bamboo wedges) fit well with the room’s texture combos. Even the smallest details of your outfit can help determine your style. Samantha’s shirt has a floral print pocket that ties in with the floral console table.



This room (we call it “In Love with Florals”) shows off a few fun and universal spring trends. In this room you can see the effective use of florals, blush and gold tones, and metallics. You also get a playful feeling from the different textures, especially the furry stools with acrylic legs.

Ambella Ethereal Stool

The Darling Detail: Florals

Florals are a great but somewhat obvious choice for spring. This Bellini Imports Floral Console is an example of a contemporary way to introduce florals to a space without using fabric. It is the focal point of this room and will definitely create conversation. Find one bold piece that fits your style and work the room around that.



The Bold Accessory: Metallics

Just as you accessorize with gold jewelry, you can accessorize your space with flecks of gold and metallic colors (as shown in the coffee table, artwork, and gemstone lamps). Produce a slightly romantic atmosphere by subtly mixing metals.

Global Views Coffee Table

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Mixed Metals

Mixed MetalsLandingWhen you cook, you don’t use only one kind of spice. When you choose your jewelry, you don’t have to limit yourself to only silver or purely gold. Get fancy with the spices! Mixing metals can be an easy and inexpensive way to reimagine any room of your home. Play with textures, tones, and finishes to find your perfect combination. At Furnitureland South you can choose from dozens of accessory manufacturers that are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for!

Choose your Main Metal

You don’t have to follow a recipe when mixing metals but you also don’t want to confuse people by overdoing it. The staple of banana bread is the banana flavor, the staple of brownies is chocolate, and your space should have a staple too. Choose your dominant metal and add accents of one or two other metals to create interest and depth. Keep it subtle and don’t let the colors compete with each other.


Uttermost-Big-Room-Scene2 Hooker - nesting tables

Find your style

Are you rustic, modern, or even glamorous? Any of these styles will work beautifully when mixing metals, but it will help you decide what pieces to buy if you determine your look first. Modern and glamorous styles will come from smooth, sleek textures. While adding rough, live-edge pieces will produce a rustic feel.

Phillips - root Quoizel - light

Create a story

Mixing metals can give a space a new and interesting life. What story do you want your room to tell? Are you a world traveler who loves antiquing? Do you feel at home in up-scale jewelry stores? Maybe you’ve had a mid-century modern sofa passed down to you and you want to create a new-old atmosphere.

FFDM - side tableGold vase2

You can achieve this change with little effort by mixing light fixtures, kitchen essentials, and accessories such as wall art and vases. If you’re creating a room from scratch you have a few more options with metal furniture bases, nail head trim, or accent tables and chairs. Happy mixing!




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On Trend Gallery: Q&A with Designer Sarabeth Zales

On-Trend Gallery Inspiration: Q&A with Designer, Sarabeth Zales

When you enter the new On Trend gallery at Furnitureland South, inspiration is inevitable. Find out how you can bring the latest trends in fashion into your own personal space. Explore 17 artful vignettes by designer Sarabeth Zales, each with a different trend to showcase and a unique story to tell. In an interview with Sarabeth we’ll take you behind the scenes of these vignettes and see how inspiration becomes reality.

What was the inspiration or the goal for creating the On Trend Gallery? 

Sarabeth: The inspiration behind Furnitureland’s first ever On Trend gallery was to display the hottest and newest trends.  Not only did we want to show how you can mix vendors, but we also wanted to show how you can mix different price points.  Fashion and home interiors go hand in hand–whatever is trending in fashion is usually what’s trending in interiors (and vice versa), so this was very important to keep in mind when designing this area.  We also wanted the On Trend gallery to be very inspirational.


Each room has a poster that shows its inspiration. How did you create these posters?

Sarabeth: I wanted these photos to show the overall feel of the space without being too literal.  Each board has a variety of different textures, colors, architectural elements, nature and even fashion.  I really wanted the person looking at the rooms to say “Oh! I see the relation between the poster and the vignette!”   Selecting these photos was one of my favorite parts of the project, I have to say!  It was so cool to see how even the simplest things could relate to design in some way.

How do you begin staging a room? How many times do you change your mind?

Sarabeth: For this particular gallery, I started with researching ideas and inspiration through Pinterest, blogs, magazines, etc. and then started to create the stories behind each room scene.  From there, I worked closely with the buying team and started selecting furniture and fabrics.  Once the fabrics were finalized, I started choosing linens, rugs, artwork and accessories.  The design process the next go around, however, could completely change—it may be that I start off with a rug (or even a piece of artwork!) and then work the room off that particular item.  It’s never the same, which is fun and exciting!  As far as how many times I change my mind, that would be several!  Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and when that’s the case, you have to either completely change your idea or change it so that it works.

On Trend Back To Brass_1Blog On Trend Made With Love_5BlogI’ve heard a writer say, he knows he’s finished writing when he’s putting the same commas in that he just took out. How do you know you’re finished with a room?

Sarabeth: This is a tough question actually.  Normally, I know when a room is finished when I stand back and can see that everything makes sense and works well together.  I usually get this feeling of excitement when I see a room that I feel is finally completed.  A job is usually never completely done when working in retail though, things can sell any minute of the day, so you are constantly having to replenish items while still making it look good.

What is unique about this gallery compared to others at FLS?

Sarabeth: This gallery is all about mixing vendors and price points.  It’s also a destination that provides inspiration for home fashion.

Anything else you’d like to share about the On Trend Gallery?

Sarabeth: Each vignette has a story behind it as well as a name.  (Think OPI nail polish colors!—each one has a clever name)  Naming the vignettes was another favorite part of mine.

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Unexpected Outdoor Seating

With warmer weather on the way, bonfires and late night chats are sure to follow. You can help keep this cozy mood going with some strategic seating choices. Create a comfortable outdoor living space for your family and guests by providing a variety of outdoor seating options. You’ll be able to find everything from benches to floor pillows at Furnitureland South!


Spring is here and your outdoor furniture is calling you to come play! It only gets to see you for a few months of the year, so make the most of that time with functional seats and accents. It’s great to have at least one option for seating 2 or 3 people all together for those who want to sit side-by-side. After that, you want people to be able to have as many options as possible.

  • Have 2 options for lounging (ottomans, poufs, lounge chairs, settees)
  • Have several mobile choices (poufs, lightweight chairs, benches, stools, floor pillows)
  • Use stools to give height options
  • Be strategic about where you place side tables, beverage coolers, and lanterns

Stone StoolBench



The top names in outdoor furniture are constantly finding ways to make their products last longer for outdoor use while keeping comfort in mind as well. Keep your guests happy with cozy cushions, quality fabrics, and well-designed wood or metal seats. Give them the choice to soak in the sun with lounge chairs or sit in the shade with covered seating or umbrellas. If you have the option, you can use the protective shade of trees too.

Day Bed3


Because outdoor furniture is outdoors, there are some parts of creating a cohesive space that you probably won’t have to worry about- like what color to paint the walls. You can also give yourself a little room to play with different styles. Keep a color scheme in mind but have fun mixing brands and styles to give life to your space. Nature doesn’t always keep one style so your outdoor furniture doesn’t have to either!

SwingStar Ottoman

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Outdoors In

Technically, spring begins March 20 and ends June 19. We’re always so ready to put away our heavy coats and thick socks, but we can’t expect every one of those days to be the sunny splendor that winter makes us crave. Luckily, Furnitureland South offers a solution to this unfortunate annual situation. Simply bring the outdoors in!

There are a few quick and easy ways to bring spring into your home but we’ll also give you tips on making bigger changes as well!

Go natural with textures and patterns

Be strategic about the materials you choose for your furniture and accessories. The use of natural fibers, textures and patterns can be great building blocks for your “outside-in” room. For casegoods think about using:

  • Wicker/Rattan
  • Hemp
  • Reclaimed or recycled wood
  • Live-edge pieces


Choose vibrant colors

Nature gives us the best inspiration for color combinations, especially during spring! Let that come through clearly in your room by using vibrant colors. Colors can be useful in trying to recreate the outdoors because we have strong associations with certain colors. For example:

  • Use fresh greens in rugs (grass)
  • Greens in accessories (plants). Of course bring real plants and flowers to the room as well!
  • Yellows in fabrics, mirrors, and lighting (sun and flowers)
  • Whites, tans, beiges, and other natural tones throughout the room to create a naturally clean feel

CYAND11148  Bed

Decorating with accessories

This is perhaps the easiest way to bring spring in. Pick a theme and go with it! You could choose shells, antlers, branches, or agates. Terrariums are very trendy right now! If you’re looking for something simpler, you could arrange a series of vases with different leaves. Here are some other options:

  • Collections of small plants, topiaries, or flowers
  • Artwork with butterflies, pinecones, trees, or maps
  • Make it personal with past travel photos, keepsakes, and found objects
  • Engage other senses with woodsy incense or floral potpourri


Happy decorating!

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Sedgefield Country Club Residence

Hi from Stephanie & Patti at Allen & James Interiors! We were honored to be chosen to redecorate the owner of Furnitureland South’s home. Here’s an in-depth look at our process for this amazing project!

The Dining Room:

DPP_00500DPP_00503 copy-rDPP_00501-r

We chose to keep our client’s existing dining table because they still love it, and used Chaddock dining chairs for a transitional look. The Marge Carson sideboard added depth to create a reflective quality for a small dining room. Fine Art lamps were chosen for the chandeliers and sconces, to maintain the European elegance that the homeowners envisioned while custom-building their estate. They were the right choices to keep!

The Foyer:



We wanted to give height & continuation of the look, which is why we chose to bring John Richards art into this space. Stools from Emerson provided a functional way to add extra seating to any room during holiday gatherings.

The Living Room:


We wanted a good scale and changed our client’s current layout to make their beautiful view a priority .  Additionally, we wanted to add height to balance the gorgeous architectural fireplace. We used a Huntington House sofa to carry the room, John Richards art over the fireplace, and a Hickory Chair glass bookcase filled with white accessories to brighten the room and overcome lighting challenges.

We used large wing chairs by Century Furniture and an Emerson Bentley art deco chair. The Lillian August tufted cocktail ottoman was a must-have! They loved this piece.  The Baby Grand Piano would be a statement in any room, but was best displayed on the other side of the room to appreciate when you entered this palatial space.

We used Surya rugs and Arteriors floor lamps to add a lighter feel to the room, and incorporated white shades to assist in both lighting & adding ambiance.

There were niches beside the fireplace to add Lillian August metal-framed & antiqued mirrors. Global Views and Arteriors added elements of accessories.

The Kitchen:

Our clients were accustomed to a round kitchen table, but we wanted to add more seating. A custom Lorts dining table allowed for seating 8-11 people! The Currey chandeliers gave another element of metal to the room. An Artitalia sideboard gave an old, antiqued feel to incorporate ambiance and storage at the same time, and Lorts barstools gave an old & textured but fun vibe to blend old and new.

DPP_00507DPP_00506 copy

The Family Room:


We wanted a comfortable but flowing look from the breakfast room. I think we were able achieve this feel & combine these rooms well. We used a Chaddock sofa, Taylor King chairs, a Hooker Furniture cocktail table, Lorts stools at the fireplace, and an Arteriors floor lamp.

The Lillian August sideboard is a great place to house all of this family’s media!

We chose a Jaipur rug to give the area a patterned touch, and Hunter Douglass silhouettes for all the 8 windows in the room, so that our clients can raise their window treatments to see the stunning view!

The Back Hallway:

DPP_005011 copy

This was a niche area with a large arch, but it needed to add interest as guests travel throughout the home. We chose a wallcovering from Philip Jeffries and sideboard from Curations, with lamps were from Arteriors.

The hallway runners were from Stanton rugs and all draperies were custom creations from Allen and James Interiors. Theodore Alexander, Kravet and Duralee provided all of our luxurious fabrics.

We were so grateful for this opportunity, and are so proud to share this insider info with you. Let us show you what we can do to completely transform your existing space!

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Design Trend: Avant Garde

Modern home furnishings are taken to a new level with the avant-garde. Clean lines and funky accessories are just a small part of this style. You can utilize an avant-garde look on anything from accessories to furniture pieces! Avant-garde will surely add glamour, intrigue, and a modern look to your home!

The modern movement began because consumers were opposed to decorative arts styles, such as Victorian and Art Nouveau. As tides changed around the world during the 19th century and new technology was introduced as well as new influences on architecture, furniture changed too. Avant-garde is all about unique shapes and sleek finishes. There are so many ways that this trend can be used, and there are always new pieces being created!

Check out a few of our favorite avant-garde pieces, found here at Furnitureland South!


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Citrus and Amethyst: An Unlikely Pair

Citrus and amethyst are a great color combination, but can be very bold. While it can have a “retro” or vintage look, it also proves to be sophisticated. Whether you use yellow or lime green, either can pair with amethyst on just about anything!

The boldness of this color combination can be toned down so easilyanother reason it is so great to use! To tone it down, use white or grey colors for the larger space and use citrus and amethyst as accents. This bright duo is perfect for accent pillows on a sofa or chair, or accessories around your living room. This Bernhardt Haven Collection Upholstered Platform Bed is the perfect neutral color to use with the citrus blanket and amethyst pillows. The combination and pop of color is fun, but sophisticated.

bernhardt citrus

If you want to be really bold, try the colors as accent walls in your home with larger white walls. This would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen! Stick to a neutral base and you will have a pop of color that adds a springtime feel to your home.

Combining citrus and amethyst in a pattern on an accent wall, throw pillow, or accent chairs is a great way to play with these colors in your home or not get overwhelmed with the combination’s bold look. This amethyst-patterned Lillian August accent chair complements the Lillian August white sofa with amethyst and citrus throw pillows,and even includes the rug! This color combination can be used so many different ways, and it makes for a simply beautiful living room!

lillian august citrus

If this color combination is too bold for your home on furniture pieces, you can add it in with artwork. Try bringing a painting, decorative plates, or even flowers into your space with these colors and the added pop will make your space come alive!

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